Advisory Services for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Outsourcing


My name is Sath Sathyanarayan. I have 30+ years experience in the IT industry – senior executive in a Fortune 500 company, Program Manager for several major initiatives with revenue impact into hundreds of millions of dollars, Founder/CEO of a Silicon Valley Startup, Trusted advisor to a range of companies across industries, author of a book on offshoring best practices, invited speaker to industry conferences, trainer, coach and mentor.  And I'm available to put all this expertise to work on your challenges. Areas I specialize in:

Launching and Managing Robotic Process Automation Initiatives

With the availability of RPA tools and technologies, you now have the option to automate in conjunction with or in place of outsourcing. Your work force will now consist of local teams, outsourced teams and digital work force (Robots). While it offers promise, there is a significant gap between hype and reality; there are several challenges you need to address to take advantage of this technology. For details of how I can help you, 

Outsourcing Optimization

While outsourcing has become standard business practice, not all outsourcing initiatives meet expectations. To help you maximize business value from your outsourcing, I offer an optimization service. For details,

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         M. M. (Sath) Sathyanarayan

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