Advisory Service to Optimize and Improve Business Value from Global Delivery Centers for IT and ITES


Whenever you have tough management problems, your first step is probably to ask an experienced colleague for advice.  Lots of people give advice; consultants even charge a lot for it.  While advice is inherent in what I do, my deliverable is tangible and measurable results.


When optimizing, turning around or addressing various issues that can develop over time in global delivery centers, deep, unbiased expertise is just about impossible to find. Few have deep experience with unfamiliar cultures. Current vendors naturally have an agenda of their own which likely doesn't include benchmarking your productivity and costs against your in-house metrics as their highest priority. Yet, you need to achieve definitive results from these initiatives.

If you're encountering this situation, I can help. I have nearly four decades experience in the IT industry. For the past 25 years, I have focused on global delivery centers for IT and ITES.  I have been troubleshooting all kinds problems in this area, both as an in-house executive and as an independent advisor. I've dealt with projects that range from ground-up reorganizations to quick contract reviews, from complex vendor negotiations to technical productivity benchmarking, organizationl audits, identifying improvement opportunities and implementing solutions to improve business value. I have written a book on offshoring best practices. And I'm available to put all this expertise to work on your challenges. 


Let’s talk!


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M. M. (Sath) Sathyanarayan






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