Turning Around Outsourcing Relationships

Dear colleague,

My name is Sath Sathyanarayan, and I've spent more than 20 years troubleshooting all kinds problems related to outsourcing, both as an in-house executive and as an independent advisor. I've dealt with projects that range from ground-up reorganizations to quick contract reviews, from complex vendor negotiations to technical productivity benchmarking.  And I’m available to put all this expertise to work on your challenges.

Whenever you have tough management problems, your first step is probably to ask an experienced colleague for advice.  Lots of people give advice; consultants even charge a lot for it.  While advice is inherent in what I do, my deliverable is tangible and measurable results.

When turning around outsourcing relationships, deep, unbiased expertise is just about impossible to find. Few have deep experience with unfamiliar cultures; current vendors naturally have an agenda of their own which likely doesn’t include benchmarking your productivity and costs against your in-house metrics as their highest priority. Yet, you need to achieve definitive results from your outsourcing programs.

If you’re frustrated by this situation, I can probably help.

I’m flexible about the relationships I have with my clients. Typically, we end up with some variation of these two approaches:

  • The program manager role: This is often a short-term assignment (two or three months), to untangle an urgent turnaround problem. Typically I’ll begin by committing several days a week to analyze your unique situation including conducting strategy sessions, contract reviews and on-site meetings with your implementation team, both in-house and vendors.  I’ll objectively analyze and discuss with you where the project is going and our best options for success. I will keep you up to date as I implement, monitor and  oversee correction activities as needed. Bottom line is I won’t just leave you with a list of recommendations: I'll make sure your whole team has bought into the new strategy and can keep your relationships with outsourcing partners solidly on track.
  • The relationship manager role: For longer term assignments, I commit a specific number of days per month to fine-tuning your existing relationships. I find ways to make your vendors much more productive, train your in-house staff on cross-cultural communication, and referee occasional disputes. And as I identify problem areas, you and I will put our heads together to map out great solutions.

Of course we can switch from one approach to another as your needs change.

The first call to action is to ensure both of us are comfortable with the personal chemistry of our relationship. If you’d like to talk further about how we might work together, let’s set up a phone conversation or better yet, if you are local, meet face to face. 

Of course our first consultation is free.

I look forward to hearing from you!


M. M. (Sath) Sathyanarayan
Principal, Sath Associates LLC, San Diego, CA
E-Mail: Sath@SathAssociates.com

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