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Sath Associates LLC

Enterprises have been outsourcing Information Technology (IT) functions for more than two decades. To be successful, companies have had to address several issues -- selection of right processes and projects, right vendors, performance metrics, managing relationships, handling cultural differences, dealing with multiple time zones and at times unexpected costs. Sath Associates have been providing advisory services to companies who wanted to optimize their IT outsourcing.

Recently, advances in digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics are having profound influence on all facets of business and this includes IT outsourcing. Specifically, Robotic Process Automation or RPA mimics human actions through software robots or bots. Bots can take over some of the functions your offshore staff is doing now. RPA claims replacement of human workers who perform certain routine functions with digital workers or bots.

But, RPA being a nascent technology, brings its own challenges. The gap between hype and reality is significant. How do you separate hype from reality? Is RPA feasible for you? How do you select a right vendor who has RPA expertise and appreciation of your business vertical? What is the business case? How do you identify and manage risks?

You need to address these and related challenges of dealing with IT ‘Outsourcing with RPA’ to capture business value from the onslaught of new wave of technologies. Sath Associates provides advisory services to enterprises to develop right strategies to adopt IT Outsourcing with RPA and avoid pitfalls.