Track Record

These are some examples

Company: Fortune 1000 Silicon Valley Company

Situation: Need to reduce R&D costs and still meet time to market needs

Solution: Established two global centers for certain segments of R&D


  • 10% EPS improvement
  • Improvement in time to market

Company: Mid-sized Silicon Valley Company

Situation: Company revenues began plummeting due to a change in market condition from $100 million a year to $75 million a year. But the level of support for existing products needed to be maintained. In addition, the company needed to introduce new products and features to stay competitive. As a result, R&D and support costs as percent of revenues went from 36% to 56%. Company’s survival came into question.

Solution: Leverage global resources for product development, support and IT; company established centers in three countries. Over the course of the next 18 months the company restructured product development, support and IT across the these locations and San Jose with 25% of company going to global centers.


  • Reduced engineering, support and IT costs by $14.4 Million
  • Helped the company’s turnaround

Company: Networking Software Company, Boston, MA

Situation: Company was partnering with a top tier India company for software development for 4 years.  Senior management concerned that they were not realizing enough benefits. Various operational issues required “too much” time from operations management.

Solution: Conducted an assessment to optimize their global delivery centers. Identified a series of operational and organizational issues and made recommendations on how to address them along with an implementation road map. 


  • Additional annual savings of  $2.5  Million
  • Ability to react quickly to changing market conditions

Company: Networking Company in Silicon Valley

Situation: Company had been outsourcing for 2 years with a top tier Indian company. Operating Managers questioning the wisdom of this decision and whether it was in fact providing any benefits.

Solution: Conducted an objective assessment of their operations and made a series of recommendations to improve management processes, training and organization.


  • Additional Annual Savings $ 5.0 Million
  • “Less” time required by operating managers to keep track of their offshore teams

Company: Silicon Valley Software Company

Situation: Develop and strategy to leverage global resources and help implement

Solution: Developed a business case, identified and selected a vendor and negotiated a contract; helped launch the global initiative.


  • A business case that the execs could take to their management
  • Helped select a vendor and negotiated a win-win contract
  • Annual Cost savings $2.5 Million

Company: Fortune 1000 Computer Company in Silicon Valley

Situation: Company experiencing major product delivery issues in multiple hardware and software programs

Solution and Results: To stream line development processes and meet product delivery schedules, established and led a Program Office to manage product programs requiring cross-functional coordination.  Developed strategies and tactics which successfully completed several key product development initiatives (each with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars) on time with high quality. 

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