Once you have set up your operation, you may wish to find additional avenues for enhancing business value. We can help. Having seen many implementations, we can identify opportunities for improvement and help you implement them.


By far the most common reason for outsourcing is to save money--often, a lot of money. Yet surprisingly often those big savings turn into nickels and dimes. "I don't know what happened," one outsourcing manager told me recently, " Project schedules and performance metrics are slipping, we've gone at least 25% over budget for the past six Quarters. This whole program is out of control and is not delivering what we expected." I have seen several variations of this theme, but the bottom line is you are not getting the benefits you expected from outsourcing and you need to fix it or in some cases do a complete turnaround. 

Take advantage of technology advances

Recent advances in digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics are having profound influence on all facets of business and this includes IT outsourcing. Specifically, Robotic Process Automation or RPA mimics human actions through software robots or bots. Some processes you have outsourced may be candidates for automation. 

To address these situations, we have put together a highly effective approach to improve business value. While we customize the approach to suit the situation, in general, here are the steps and deliverables:

Step 1. Assessment:

Take objective 360 degree view of the situation. We will conduct an assessment/health check of the outsourcing relationship. Will involve your staff and service provider. While we will customize areas to analyze based on your specific situation most common areas are Governance, Project Selection, Work Flow, Performance Metrics, Staff Quality and Turnover. 

Outcome/Deliverable: Detailed analysis of relationship problems and recommendations of specific actions you need to take to address them.

Step 2. RPA Feasibility Analysis:

We will examine your outsourcing to determine if RPA can be of benefit to you. Working with your staff, we will identify specific processes and develop a business case -- costs, benefits, time lines and risks. We will contact potential RPA vendors, short list and develop budgetary cost estimates and time lines.

Step 3. Implementation:

This is where the hard work and many real world tradeoffs need to be done. We will help you form an implementation team and guide/mentor the team to implement recommendations to reach the desired end results.

Outcome/Deliverable: Relationship that is turned around and delivering intended results.

While advice is inherent in what I do, my deliverable is tangible and measurable results. I will work with you as an advisor or as an interim member of your management team taking responsibility for results. During our initial discussion, this is one of the topics we can cover.

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