What the program offers you

  • Accelerates solutioins
  • We bring industry perspectives and solutions
  • Cost Effective 

How it works

  • We will review, validate and suggest approaches for your situation.
  • Will work 1/1 or in a team situation
  • We can collaborate using any mechanism that makes sense -- remote via phone, email, video conference or in person.
  • The program is highly customized. Time devoted to you will depend on your needs -- a few hours a week to a few edays a week.

Any Offshoring Issue

You can discuss any offshoring issue. Some examples:

  • Your vendor has proposed contract changes, you want to counter, but not sure about current industry trends
  • You are not sure if you should reevaluate your vendor strategy
  • You are not sure of the extent of benefits from offshoring
  • Product schedules and quality are slipping
  • Customer satisfaction is declining with functions performed by the offshore group
  • Offshore productivity is not meeting expectations
  • Your offshore team assures everything is going fine, but you discover major problems too late in the cycle
  • Frequent offshore personnel changes are taking up too much of your time for retraining
  • Friction is building between your domestic marketing, product management and/or development functions and your offshore operation
  • Your implementation team can use expert coaching

Let's discuss your situation. Call or E-mail:

         M. M. (Sath) Sathyanarayan
 Principal,  Sath Associates LLC,
         E-Mail:             Cell: (408) 865-0474


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