Interim Executive

Some scenarios when you may need an Interim Executive

  • You are recruiting someone to be on your permanent staff, but do not wish to rush the process. You may want to get an interim executive to keep things running till you find the right person to add to your staff.
  • You want to turnaround a failing offshore operation. This requires thorough knowledge of the industry, quickly understand what needs to be fixed and then have the management ability to implement it. Once necessary changes are implemented someone with less expertise and experience can handle ongoing maintenance.
  • You have a nagging feeling that your offshore outsourcing is not producing results comparable to others in your industry. An experienced executive could come in for a period, identify areas that need improvement, implement, train a replacement and exit.

I can help you with these and similar situations. I have helped dozens of executives and managers across industries address offshoring issues involving strategy and execution. For my complete bio click here.

How do I work?

  • We will make sure that we are right for each other
  • I will commit to delivering specific outcomes
  • I will work as team member of the sponsoring executive
  • I devote a block of time for a specific duration depending on outcome desired
  • Generally train somebody to take over once assignment is complete. I will be Available as advisor. 

Let's discuss your situation. Call or E-mail:

         M. M. (Sath) Sathyanarayan
 Principal,  Sath Associates LLC,

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