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Managing Offshore Outsourcing - Does Your Offshore Operation Need a Health Check?

This article provides a framework for self assesment of your outsourcing and options to address issues.

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Now that you want to go for RPA, find out realities on the ground!

There is so much hype about RPA. Quickly find out on the ground the realities.

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What Business Value Are You Receiving From Offshoring?

Recently I was called in by a Silicon Valley Company faced with a management challenge. They had been offshoring for the past few years. In the early stages things seemed to go well, but in the recent past they were encountering several issues; many in middle management felt that this whole idea of offshoring was not working. It was simply taking too much management time, was not saving the company any money and in fact it was a bad idea. Senior management could not understand why this was happening. After all, they had done a lot of due diligence and chosen one of the top tier vendors in India with an impeccable track record and reputation. They had devoted significant internal resources to
establish and manage the offshoring initiative.

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RPA Case Study -- ANZ

ANZ is an early adopter of RPA; they have scaled up rapidly. This article provides practictioner perspectives.

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Offshoring Challenges: Attracting and Retaining Staff

Many companies are finding that high turnover in their offshore support team is creating disappointing results. You’ve invested valuable U.S. staff time to train your offshore team and put in a lot of hard work to do trial runs. When several months have passed, you conclude that your offshore team understands your issues, so you reassign and/or remove staff at your U.S. location. After all, you cannot afford to duplicate staff forever! But not long after you make this move, you learn that the key staff members and/or team leads dedicated to your offshore effort have left the offshore team!

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6 Key strategies to achieve success in global outsourcing

Research based on best practices of successful companies
What are the key ingredients of a successful global outsourcing experience? To answer this question, we approached
senior executives of multinational companies engaged in this activity to find out what is important, what works, and what doesn’t. We conducted competency interviews in which participants were asked to describe both the nature and effectiveness of their programs.

In addition to this research, we drew heavily on our own management experiences in global outsourcing — both with a large computer company and with our own clients. From these experiences, we identified the major factors that appear to distinguish effective from ineffective global outsourcing.

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Beyond the basics driving innovation in outsourcing (Source: IRPA)

Outsourcing is moving away from labor arbitrage models and automation is becoming dominant.


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Artificial Intelligence for the Real World

This HBR article, looks at various categories of AI and provides a framework for building cognitive capabilities.


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7 Things everyone engaged in Outsourcing must know to address budget overruns

If you're feeling frustrated by hidden costs in your outsourcing, approaches presented in this article will help. 

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