Are you charged with turning your company's offshore development mission statement into reality? Or do you need to learn more about offshore development and how it might alter your company’s future strategies?

Then you need this book.

While offshore development offers many advantages -- reduced cost, access to highly skilled talent, around the clock development and ability to launch projects quickly -- there are challenges. As McKensey Consulting points out,

"Without disciplines in managing offshore, a company can, not only squander the cost and time savings it had hoped to gain through them but can also face other problems -- late deliverables, escalating costs, mismatches between expectations and deliverables and even outright failure".

GE and HP are among the hundreds of companies that boast highly successful offshore strategies. On the other hand many companies have either failed or are marginally successful. For example, a large document company tried a major development project offshore and abandoned it. A Silicon Valley company tried to execute a development project offshore, failed and had to bring it back and get it done at considerably higher cost than if it had never gone offshore in the first place.

To be successful, you must effectively identify and address issues across companies, time zones and cultures. You need to move rapidly in this highly competitive environment, but you also need to move with maximum confidence.


This information-packed book, based on a decade plus experience and best practices of many successful companies, will help you maximize benefit and minimize risk. Reading this book can save you money and time.

Reviewer comments

Thorough, yet concise!! Using his real-world experience, Sathyanarayan covers all areas that executives and managers need to focus on in building successful offshore engineering teams. The book is very easy-to-read and will help anyone interested in offshore engineering.

- Watson Murthy
Senior Manager, Global Partner Engineering
Cisco Systems

Sathyanarayan's insight and experience are apparent in this book. This is a straight-talking guide to understanding what it takes to tap the clear advantages of offshore software development. 

- Scott Brown
Vice President, Products
DecisionPoint Applications

The best part of this book isn’t just the book itself, it’s the years of hard-to-gain and hard-to-explain experience that shines through every page. This is no book about the theory of offshore development and its underlying economic principles. It’s a nuts-and-bolts guide to an important strategy that virtually every executive needs to understand today.

- Dave Cutler
Vice President, Customer Service
Novell, Inc.