M. M. (Sath) Sathyanarayan

Principal, Sath Associates LLC

In addition to pioneering work in outsourcing for 26+ years Sath has provided leadership to RPA initiatives, program management, product development and IT organizations. He has held senior executive positions in a Fortune 500 company, Founder/CEO of a Silicon Valley startup, author of a book on offshoring best practices, invited speaker at industry conferences, trainer, coach, mentor and a trusted advisor to a range of companies across industries.

While at HP/Tandem Computers foresaw the emergence of India as a provider of software services nearly 10 years before most others in the industry. Led the pioneering effort to set up global development centers replete with infrastructure, management, people and processes for engineering and support of mission critical applications. This business model has since been widely emulated in the industry. This initiative improved time to market and resulted in contribution of 10% EPS. Radically altered criteria for making product launch decisions -- provided capability to build more products faster with less capital and reduced risk.

At HP/Tandem, in order to stream line development processes and meet product delivery schedules, established and led a Program Office to manage product programs requiring cross-functional coordination. Developed strategies and tactics which successfully completed several key product development initiatives (each with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars) on time with high quality.

As Founder and CEO of 24by7 Corporation established critical partnerships and procured key customers (such as Nortel Networks/Clarify, Novell, Microsoft). Managed all aspects of this growing and profitable enterprise. Developed and implemented a strategy to effectively leverage a network of global alliances. As an addition to 24by7, formed a start-up team and identified huge market opportunity for a fully outsourced eCRM services business. Developed detailed plans including business model, market potential, customer profile, value proposition, channel strategy, technology strategy, revenue model, plans for leveraging global alliances for fast start, sales forecasts, complete financials and detailed implementation plans. Put in place resources and processes necessary for launch.

Sath has conducted workshops/training sessions for hundreds of managers and executives on how to be more effective in managing outsourcing. In addition, he has published a number of white papers, articles and is an invited speaker at industry conferences. He is author of a book on how to establish and manage global delivery centers.

He is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic and State University and Virginia Commonwealth University. He holds two masters degrees – M.S. in Engineering and M. S. in Business.

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Watson Murthy

Consulting Associate

Watson Murthy is a creative and experienced leader with over two decades of experience in business and technical leadership roles. He has worked in large corporations such as Cisco and Tandem Computers (HP).

Watson is highly respected for his expertise in globalization and engineering offshoring. Watson was instrumental in building and managing Cisco’s highly successful India offshore program. This highly coveted initiative provided Cisco a competitive advantage while saving hundreds of millions of dollars in operational expenses. At Cisco Watson pioneered new and innovative business models, best practices, knowledge management, and offshore engagement governance involving multiple partners.

Watson is highly experienced in vendor selection, contracts, and rates negotiation. He is an expert in cross-cultural collaboration, and conflict management. He was instrumental in replicating a 'Cisco Engineering Culture' at India partner sites; the offshore workforce became one of the most productive and cost-effective engineering teams in Cisco. Watson spearheaded the creation of a suite of enterprise IT tools to operationalize and manage all aspects of Cisco’s offshore engagements. This was a first in the industry. Additionally he advised IT, business process outsourcing, and customer advocacy on offshoring strategy. More recently at Cisco, Watson was responsible for transforming and managing an executive board tasked to improve product quality, customer satisfaction and delivering products with unrivaled customer experience.

Prior to Cisco, Watson was involved in offshoring and managing Tandem’s flagship legacy fault tolerant OS kernel and system software.

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