Global Outsourcing, Digital Process Outsourcing: Consulting and Management

My name is Sath Sathyanarayan. I help address management issues related to establishing and managing global outsourcing for software development, technical support, IT services and business processes. Examples of challenges many executives encounter:

  • Can you leverage the emerging digital process automation approaches? How do you go about it?
  • Should you set up your own overseas opeartion, outsource or choose neither? What resources does it take to establish the operation? What are the risks and how do you mitigate them? What organization structure do you put in place? How do you choose the right projects? How do you choose the best global partner? What unique processes do you put in place for success? How do you set up governance structure? Should you assign a full time relationship manager or make this an additional duty for one of your execs?
  • How do you work effectively with global teams? How do you optimize your global operation?
  • How do you address productivity, quality and schedule issues? What do you do when the global operation is not meeting your expectations? Turnaround or shut it down? How do you execute?

For challenges like these, I will help determine the best solution for your particular situation and implement. I will act as your advisor or a member of your management team for a period of time. Besides managing and advising, I conduct training/workshops on how to effectively work with global teams. Companies I work with range from startups to Fortune 500.

My experience with global outsourcing spans 22 years. At HP/Tandem I was responsible for initiating, launching and managing a global outsourcing organization; was Founder/CEO of a Silicon Valley startup using global resources; author of a book, several white papers and articles, invited speaker at conferences. In addition, I teach at Rady of School of Management at UC San Diego focusing on executive education.

Tangible, Measurable Results

While advice is inherent in what I do, my deliverable is tangible and measurable results. Here are a few examples. Under my leadership, we achieved 10% improvement in EPS at a Fortune 500 technology company by leveraging global outsourcing. My responsibilities included establishing outsourcing feasibility, launching outsourcing and subsequent management of a world-wide networked organization. I helped a Silicon Valley software company turnaround their business by outsourcing some software development and IT services. I have helped improve cost structure for a number of companies by improving existing global outsourcing relationships and processes.  I have conducted hands on workshops for executives and managers on how to effectively work with global teams. A partial list of companies I have worked with: HP/Tandem, Brocade, Oracle/Hyperion, Bottom Line Technologies, NMS Communications, TiVo, Oracle/Agile, Hanover Insurance, MetLife, John Hancock, Biogen

Are you where you want to be with your global operation?

Are your decisions and actions taking you to your goals?

Let's talk

I would like to setup an introductory Executive to Executive information exchange meeting or phone call. While I am open to discussing any topic of interest to you, some that could be productive are:

  • Successful approaches I have utilized in the past for clients
  • Approaches to address issues you may have 

Of course, initial consultations are at no charge. I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Info

         M. M. (Sath) Sathyanarayan
         Principal,  Sath Associates LLC.  Silicon Valley and San Diego, CA          

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